I have, for the past 40 years, used the camera to exploit my artistic expression. The camera has allowed me to explore from the macro world to larger landscape photos. I continue to search for those projects and subjects that enable me to tell a story. I no longer look for that “one iconic image” but now focus on projects that express the inner me. It has taken me all of these years to finally find projects of passion.

Street photography, people up close and personal is a passion. Buried for many years and now resurrected, is my most immediate and future endeavor. Everyone has a story to tell. I prefer my encounters to be one on one. “Who are you”? “What has happened in your life”. The stories are fascinating. I come away with such satisfaction after not only taking a photo but knowing just a little bit more about someone. . ” Animals, as they pass through the landscape,leave their tracks behind. stories are the tracks we leave.” Salman Rushdie.

I find the symmentry of landscape photography fills my need for structure. The shapes cast by light and shadow and the arrangement of the natural surroundings is very meaningful. It’s quiet yet speaks in a way that says “hey I’m here and beautiful” look at me. The landscape photography has no people, it’s the other side of my personality; still, quiet, and contemplative.